Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Accomplished In Three Weeks

Where was Dennis Buggy born?

In three weeks some information has surfaced that identifies Dennis Buggy’s birthdate as 11 June 1830, but nothing more specific for a birthplace than the county in Ireland.  Research in U. S. records is still in progress and may yet reveal his birthplace.

A “reasonably exhaustive search”
A published family book and online family trees suggest County Kilkenny as Dennis Buggy’s birthplace.  More importantly, they point to original sources of information about Dennis Buggy.  I’ve been seeking confirmation of this scant information in records created by people who participated in the events or who served in an official capacity as recorders.

Original records explored to date include
            Dennis Buggy’s bible
            His death certificate
            Two obituaries
            His gravestone

Three sources created at the time of his death agree that he was born 11 June 1830.  This is a great start, a date to confirm with records created closer to the time of his birth, preferably a birth or baptism record.

More U. S. records have yet to be seen and discussed: Dennis Buggy’s land entry file; his Civil War pension file; an original record of his marriage; and his naturalization record.  Any of the various sources may slip in a mention of a birthplace.

The blog as an ongoing research report
The search is thorough, methodical, and reported in detail.  It could serve as a model for other researchers and projects.  In seeking Dennis Buggy’s birth information, much is revealed about his life and his family.  Perhaps other interested researchers and/or descendants will incorporate this information in their databases and their family stories.

Next: A peek at Ireland while more U. S. records are on order

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