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10. Clues in Geography

Where ARE These Places in Ireland?

Online databases suggest Dennis Buggy’s birth in
            Northern Ireland
            County Kilkenny, Ireland
            Freshford, Kilkenny, Ireland[1]

Dennis Buggy’s Faribault County Register obituary, rooted probably in family tradition, places his birth in county Kilkenny, Ireland. [2]  The Phelan family book notes that his parents were buried in Freshford, Kilkenny.  It also identifies his wife Catherine (Phelan) Buggy’s birth in Johnston [sic], Kilkenny.[3] 

Historically the Buggy surname has been common in an area that spans the north-northeastern part of Kilkenny and the south-southeastern part of its northern neighbor, county Laois.[4]  Joe Buggy, author of the Buggy Name History blog, makes this assertion from personal experience: he is himself from the area, a much more recent immigrant to the U. S. from Ireland.  His video presents a lively and informative discussion of Irish surnames, including Buggy.  Joe’s work lends support to Dennis Buggy’s origins in county Kilkenny.

Where Are These Places?
It’s time for a geography lesson.  In the map below, the Republic of Ireland is green.[5]  Northern Ireland is peach.  County Kilkenny is darker green, in the southeast of the Republic of Ireland.  Dennis Buggy’s obituary and Joe Buggy’s blog probably eliminate Northern Ireland as a possible place of birth.

Republic of Ireland (green) and Northern Ireland (peach)
County Kilkenny in darker green

Since the nineteenth century County Kilkenny has been comprised of ten divisions called baronies.[6]  They are outlined in the map below.[7] Freshford lies in Crannagh (yellow), and Johnstown in Galmoy (peach-tan), both in the northwest of the county.

County Kilkenny
Courtesy of the National Library of Ireland

This detail shows Johnstown, birthplace of Catherine (Phelan) Buggy, to the left of center, and Freshford, burial place of Dennis Buggy’s parents, to the right of center.

Johnstown and Freshford, County Kilkenny

Johnstown and Freshford are about thirteen kilometers (eight miles) apart.  While Dennis and Catherine did not marry in Ireland, they certainly hailed from the same general area.  No source has yet identified an exact birthplace for Dennis Buggy, so searching Irish records at this point is a questionable endeavor.  Still, the Freshford parish records are available on microfilm and beg to be examined.  It's worth a try, especially since we now have a probable date of birth (11 June 1830).

Next time: A peek at Freshford baptisms

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